Shields & Two-Fisted Training.

Before I start. My understanding is this…

  1. Without either ‘Shield Training’ or ‘Two-Fisted Training’, a character can script ‘Block’ with a shield or off-hand weapon and gets to include any bonus dice for the item in question.
  2. Shield Training allows you to script ‘Block-and-Strike’ with a shield, including bonus dice from the shield in the block.
    [EDIT] 3)‘Two-Fisted Training’ allows use of ‘Block-and-Strike’ with an off-hand weapon of lesser or equal weight to the main weapon.

I have a question.

Q) Given ‘Two-Fisted Training’ allows you to script ‘Block-and-Strike’ with an off-hand weapon, including bonus dice from the weapon in the block, would this include a shield, or is that the exclusive domain of ‘Shield Training’?
[Edit] I’d assume given point 3 above, it would apply only to bucklers at best.

What’s the opinion at BWHQ?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes. You’ve got it. TFT is a specialized (and perhaps better) shield training. But limiting it to bucklers is a great way to curb the power-gaming.