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Hi BWHQ. I’m trying to place an order for the excellent merch you have available, but every time I try to get a shipping quote I’m told that you are unable to ship an item to the frozen tundra I call home (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). I’m not sure who to contact to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Could you possibly direct me to who I should talk to so I can make sure I get in on the ground floor of your anniversary preorders?


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Hm. We’ll look into it!
And don’t fret. Plenty of time to get it sorted.


Great! Thanks for the quick response, and let me know if you need any more info. I’m happy to send emails with screenshots and my address specifics if you need to test it on your end.

Actually, be my lab rat. Try it again now.

Aha! It seems to work now. That being said, it might have been a combined or purely self-inflicted issue. I’m noticing that the system won’t allow me to get a shipping quote once I go over a certain amount of items, which may be the international weight limit you mentioned on your shipping page.

Regardless, my greed will not be denied! Assuming that the 4lb limit is accurate, I’ll just split the order into two. Thanks, and sorry to bother you on what was likely my own mistake in the first place.

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Yeah, 4 lbs for international. That’s the USPS limit.

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I’m also a liltle bit concerned. I try to get shipping to europe and it says:

USPS (First Class Package International Service)
999 business days

Seems a bit long, I hope it’s not true.

EDIT: Ordered anyway, just wanted to point out the problem that hopefully isn’t one :nerd_face:

Similar problem here.
I was thinking of buying several things from Burning Wheel (another copy of the BWGR, the Codex and the Anthology), but since I am from Argentina I ask, does the shipping price vary according to its weight?

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We’re just hedging our bets. >:)

@Moro it’s usually a flat rate for international up to 4 lbs. It’s like $80USD. Crazy expensive I know, but the USG hates its postal system.


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