Shipping to Hungary (EU)

As it says, I’m curious if BWHQ ships to Hungary, and under what conditions?

I’m very interested in buying Torchbearer, but the listed shipping price for quick delivery is quite high (68 usd). The problem is, the other option (at 34 usd) was listed as arrive in 999 days.

Can someone give me an actual estimate of the arrival? I’m fairly certain it isn’t two and a half years…

Hello! I live in Canada and wanted to buy Burning Wheel Anthology, but I have the same issues as you (expensive shipping and 999 days delivery). Was your issue solved, if so, how?

Thank you!

Shipping is expensive everywhere. And it’s slow to most places. The shipping rates are the shipping rates, and there’s nothing we can do about them. We don’t charge extra for shipping or fulfillment—what you see is the USPS price to ship you the package.

We ship orders out 2-3 times a week. Orders in the US usually take 2-14 days to arrive once we’ve shipped. Orders outside the US usually take 2 to 12 weeks to arrive.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. Thank you, also, for the game. It was a blast to read.

Just to be clear, I never meant to insinuate BWHQ was “cheating” on shipping, I understand how expensive it can get. If you confirm I’ll receive a copy in less than 3 months and not 3 years, I’ll consider it. However, my previous purchase was dealt an other way, and thus I have more questions.

I purchased BWGR and the Codex in a local game store a few months ago. Their price was super fair, just a tad higher than what I would have paid on your shop, but without the expensive shipping.

Was that detrimental to you?

Since buying to support the authors and not third parties is important to me, I wouldn’t want to harm your product or cut your possible profits. I guess I could make an effort and, when I can afford it, go and buy from your online shop. However, if it does not make a difference to you where I get your products, I would totally wait for the same shop to get a copy of Anthology and purchase it from them to avoid extra fees. Is there a plan to send Anthology in LGS or will it always be only available on this website?

Thank you again for everything.

We’re distributed by very nice, supportive folks in Canada. And I know the retailer VDC in Montreal was carrying us even before we were distributed there!

As for new material reaching international distro…I dunno. Maybe. Probably for Canada, but it’s not really up to me. It’s up to the distributors.

Again, I appreciate your reply. I’m glad to hear my country supports your effort well! I indeed bought my books from VDC and will wait to see if they get Anthology, or if the need arises first as we play through our campaign.

It’s now a matter of time and not a matter of if, thank you very much for your time. Best of luck in your projects!

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