Short, Punchy Campaign Concepts

The Three Witch Queens have begun stirring in their mountain prison, soon they may awaken again.

Fourty years ago, the gods saw fit to strip technology from the world. Now, you embark on a dangerous mission to the ruins of Los Angeles to recover treasures from a world gone by.

A catastrophic mudslide in a lumber outpost supplying the capital has revealed what appears to be the ruins of an ancient and massive temple. Its outer walls, exposed in the mudslide are covered in carvings rendered in a mysterious pictographic language. You are a member of a research team sent by the Papacy to discover the origins and nature of the site.

The Thane’s host — your kin — have taken your food, burnt your homes, & sealed the gates of the Dwarven Halls. Swear your oaths accordingly.

The Raftman outside of town ferries tormented souls to the afterlife, but refuses to help one vengeful ghost who is now terrorizing the locals. Can you discover the nature of their grudge and help both the spirit and the Raftman find peace?

One day, completely out of the blue, an entire tribe of horrified gnomes sets up a refugee camp in the wheat-fields outside of your quite little hamlet. While their strange language is difficult to parse, it seems they have been forced out of their woodland dwelling by a mysterious and growing darkness that has taken hold in the roots of an ancient white oak.

A mysterious, wealthy aristocrat has just passed away naming you among others his or her heir. In order to claim your stake you must pass a series of tests and trials at their remote estate.

For ten years the ruins of Blackmoore Castle have remained desolate and dark, looming over your village. But tonight, an eerie light shines mysteriously from within. And the people wonder, has the dreaded Lord Blackmoore returned from the dead?