Short, Punchy Campaign Concepts

I tweeted some campaign ideas and found that I enjoyed the way twitter forced me to communicate the idea succinctly:

+You’re thieves who have just overthrown the Thieves’ Guild’s inner circle. You run the show. Go.

+Dwarven guilders out to collect over-due debts from dukes, wizards and dragons.

+Journeyman wizards gather in Greyhawk City to each apprentice to an archmage.

+Wildlander elves disobey the citadel to warn humans of the elvish army sent to destroy them w/ song & steel.

+Mountain of skulking trolls beneath the dwarven mines learn of imminent undernest spider invasion.

+BW campaign idea: Pirates sailing the seas, smashing monarchies. Monsters: Dukes, knights and barons.

Feel free to tweet more or just pitch short, punchy campaign ideas or talk about Situation and why some ideas work and some do not.

College of Sorcery students who’ve learned their school is about to be purged by the other schools because of suspicion of necromantic practices.

The Gods have gone from this world, no one has performed a miracle in centuries, folk have faded from religiousity and now focus on magic/war/trade/conquest.
Until now. Faith has returned, one who can wield great acts in the name of their deity(s).

The King and his sons are dead, betrayal! Leaving a power vaccumm as the ravens circle in. A crippled bastard / ancient halfblood / mad sorceror / has tenuous claim, though few lords would support this.

BW Campaign Idea: Villagers prepare for an especially harsh winter. Starvation is only a few failed resource tests away. #burningwheel

BW campaign idea: Wizard freezes marauding dragon. With last breath informs party that dragon will thaw come summer #burningwheel

Orc campaign idea: The Puny humans have re-captured fort Burla, rally the clans and sound the drums of war!

The wizards tower in the center of town has been a constant source of trouble for the city, the city guard has decided that it is time to relocate the wizards. They aren’t quite happy about this forced relocation.

The red King has invaded the Kingdom of Kent to the north. It is said that the villagers are coming up missing to fuel his dark legion which seems to grow by the day.

Dwarven Campaign Idea: The miners report that they just opened an shaft, within in they found the door to a dwarven hold which is chained shut from the outside. The local Runeseer foretells doom to the Hold should those chains be undone.

Wars are bad for business, but the wars are finally over, the Dread King defeated. The smouldering remnants of the cities lie in chaos. The people need food, water, weapons, shelter, safety. Trade routes have been dissolved, supply halted. What does the populace need? Surely a group of budding entreprenures such as yourselves can fill the niche and make their fortune?

Your party of explorers discover a land full of all the “mythological” creatures the Temple and the King insist do not exist! How do you proceed?

An enchanter wants 8 pairs of Bugbear tusks for something magicky, he has hired you people to get them.

The Emperor & Empress terrorise Court, and every month they feed their demons noble blood. Required final lifepath: Hostage.

Ten years back the Duke marched you far over the mountains with his Olyphants. Now he’s dead, and this land will not stay conquered. Required lifepath: Conscript.

Soon the stars will dance again at the top of the world — to plot that is to know Truth. Truth enough to kill for. Required skill: Astrology.

I think this could be improved on, but here’s one I came up with:

You are tavern regulars, a wounded notable person who you have no cause to love stumbles in and says “save me or the Scarlet lord will rule”


Your village sits in the path of a conquering army. But not to worry. The local priest claims to have been told by the gods that if the citizens remain strong in their faith, they will be granted the power to repel the invaders. Never mind the lack of weapons, provisions and training. The gods will provide.

Rifts to other planes are opening and releasing demons into our world. Find and slay the demons and close these portals before it is too late.

Your party of adventurers was hired to collect a rare, mystical component for a wealthy benefactor. Thirty minutes ago that component was used to assassinate the king in a very visible way.

Everyone knew there was a war, but life went on. Then the Imperial Elites killed everyone in the village. The only people left are a few of you kids.

A prophet of a forgotten and terrible deity come to town heralding the coming doom. Those less faithful have started to convert and listen to his dark portents.

The Sun God is dying and only a cold flickering ball hangs in the sky. How do you survive the rise of nights minions in the cold dying world.

When the Captain fell & split her head open, you few of the Royal Guard discovered for sure that puppetmasters have indeed infested Court.

The once popular, highly visible count has become reclusive, his newest dictates seem contrary to all that he has done before and his advisor has become his official representative in all matters. Civil unrest is quickly and fatally dealt with by the new guard. All roads leading out of town are patrolled so that none may leave or enter unchallenged.

At midnight on All Hallow’s Eve a new star, as large and bright as the full moon, appears in the sky over the City-State of _________. The gods cease to speak in the temples and the everyday sorcery that is the foundation of city-life fails. Throughout the days to come neither the position nor the intensity of the Novus Solus change. A new Emperor-Prelate is to be sworn to duty in a fortnight. The factions grow restless.

A tsunami hits your coastal village leaving death and destruction in its wake. Those who made it through the storm must somehow band together for survival, even those who are sworn enemies!