Silly question about sacks

Hi Guys,

Yet again I will lower the intellectual tone of the boards with a stupid question…

You buy Small Sacks (2).

(a) Do these together take up a single slot when empty? Or is that 1 slot per empty sack?

(b) If you are carrying 2 full small sacks you can only carry 1 sack per hand, or can I carry both sacks in 1 hand?

Not sure about what is correct for (a), but for (b) must be one full small sack per hand else it makes the large sack pointless.

Thanks for clarification,

a) When empty, 2 sacks take up 1 inventory slot.
b) When full, one sack may be carried in each hand.
c) When empty, 2 sacks may be carried in one hand.


I thought this was the case, but it weighed heavily enough on my mind to ask :confused:

In the Laborer factors, you’ll find a way to carry 2 full small sacks in one hand.

Ah, I see. Thanks for that.