Simon Says, rabblerouser (thief)

Thought I’d have a crack at creating a character using the Kickstarter preview. Lots of fun.

Name: Simon Says
Stock: Human
Class: Thief
Level: 1
Alignment: Law
Age: 17
Raiment: A grey cloak over a dark blue shirt, black breeches and laddered grey stockings. Grey flat cap and scarlet neckerchief.

Home: Bustling Metropolis
Parents: Gareth & Mildred, Sailors (retired)
Mentor: N/A
Friend: Derek (haggler)
Enemy: Harold, Cleric of the Whitecap Society

Belief: There is always enough to go around.
Instinct: Always back the underdog.

Will: 4
Health: 3
Nature: 5
Nature descriptors: Boasting, Demanding, Running

Circles: 3
Resources: 0

Skills: Criminal 3, Dungeoneer 2, Fighter 2, Haggler 3, Manipulator 3, Orator 3, Persuader 2, Scout 3

Wises: Grievance-wise (ability to discern people’s difficulties, complaints, and gripes)
Traits: Devil May Care 1, Jaded 1

Head: Flatcap
Torso: Cloak (worn), Rope (worn), Satchel (worn)
Hand: Small sack (carried)
Belt: Pouch (containing 2D treasure), Waterskin, Dagger
Feet: Shoes (worn)
Satchel: Thief’s Tools, Candle, Large Sack
Small sack: Preserved rations


Simon’s parents were sailors who settled in the bustling metropolis and now make their living by providing room and board to seafarers who, for one reason or another (injury, untrustworthiness), can’t find a position on a crew. The tales he heard growing up convinced Simon of two things: he will never be a sailor, and the strict feudalism of the kingdom is not the only social order possible.

He has come to be called “Simon Says” for his political speeches, demanding greater freedom and higher pay for the labourers and small traders of the city. The name is somewhat sarcastic, but Simon had a small success in organising a strike by the servants of the Whitecap Society. This is a club attended by the most influential nobles and merchants of the city. Harold, a fierce cleric who acts as secretary of the Society, has blacklisted Simon from work in the city.

As a result, Simon has been forced to seek adventure - in part, to pay his way without access to a stable job, but mainly to garner popular support for his ideas by proving he is not merely an idealistic boy any more.

Which skill is Simon’s specialty?

Sorry - Orator. I’ve underlined it now.