Simultaneous Movement

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simple question: How exactly do you move simultaneously? In every encounter I prepared this question came up. And basically we ended up with my players telling me where they wanted to go and then I decided if the opponents wanted to intervene or not. But that’s not really simultaneous in the sense that all decide where to move at the same time. Am I missing something or is my approach actually the right one and I am just stressing the meaning of simultaneous too much?

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There’s a (ridiculous) heuristic for it in the rules under Combat Movement. But the basic very is that each round has a movement phase. Everyone rolls their movement die. Highest totals get to occupy their destination before lower totals.

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The problem I have is rather that I don’t know how to coordinate the movement phase. I never had the situation that all participants of combut put their finger on the grid and announced their destination simultaneously, but rather a chaotic deliberation who goes where. Then, If there are situations where two combatants want to occupy the same space, we use the rules for racing. Hope, that clarifies what I mean.

Not at all. :slight_smile:

OK, let me go thorugh it step by step.

  1. In the declaration phase my players announce if the want to move and what weapon they want to use. They don’t tell me where, just if.
  2. On to the movement phase. To my understanding everyone decides now where they want to go. The idea ist that all movement happens simultaneously, right? How do I coordinate this?
    Do we call down and announce the square we want to occupy simultaneously? Do I tell them where I want to go and let them decide if they want to react to my announcement? Do they tell me and I have to decide if I want to outrun them or occupy another square?
  1. Everyone moves their pieces. If they end up in same square, resolve who gets there first with the rubric under Combat Movement.

In practice, most folks don’t want to occupy the same squares, they just want to engage or retreat or get close to an ally for a bonus.

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