Sisstan, The Relic-Hunter

Name: Sisstan
Stock: Human
Class: Thief
Age: 21
Home: The Eyrie (Wizard’s Tower)
Raiment: Broad-brimmed hat, long coat

Parent: Professor Seghris, the Loremaster
Mentor: Professor Dreishath, the Scholar
Friend: Whoontler, the Alchemist
Level: 1
Alignment: Law

Belief: Those who do not study the past are doomed to repeat it.

Goal: I will find the location of the Ossuary of the Dead God.

Instinct: Always scavenge for food when entering a new area.

Traits: Devil May Care; Skeptical

Will 4
Health 4
Nature 5
Resources 0
Circles 4
Might 3
Nature Descriptors: Boasting, Demanding, Running


Criminal 3
Dungeoneer 2
Fighter 2
Manipulator 4
Scavenger 2
Scholar 2
Scout 3

Head: broad-brimmed hat
Neck: Headpiece of the Staff of Zhatavar
Feet: Shoes

Carried: 10 foot pole
Carried: (10 foot pole)

Worn: Backpack
Worn: (Backpack)
Worn: Rope

Pouch: Large Sack
Weapon: Dagger
Skin: Wine

Candles (4)
Candles (4)
Preserved Rations
Preserved Rations
Iron Spikes (6)

The Town of The Eyrie, often misunderstood as “Eerie,” consists of a high wizard tower located on a mountainside and thus removed from the barbaric warfare of the lowlands. It is a place of learning, with a university surrounding the tower, and a town which services the needs of all those therein and trades with those below.

The tower itself has a long and easily forgettable name comprehensible and important to wizards, but the townsfolk tend to call it The Eye, on account of the fact that the wizard can often be seen on a balcony, high up the tower, and those that see him get an eerie feeling he’s staring straight at them, even though he’s too distant to really make out.

Town Alignment: Law
Available locations:
Stables, Inn, Homes, Market, University
(University is a special Temple. It has a Shrine to the Patron of Lost Knowledge, and also offers “access to a library” as a purchasable boon for Scholars looking to use research actions.

Sisstan was raised in the university and inured with its principals by his father, a stern, demanding scholar with aspirations for his son. His mother was killed in a tragic accident, according to his father, who has never spoken more of it. Sisstan has a heart for adventure, but long studied the history and nature of the Ancients who lived in the times of the true gods, and all that was lost when they fell. By seeking out their relics and bringing knowledge of this enlightened time back to the University, he can ensure that humanity again rises from the current age of barbarism and chaos.

[Concept: Our goal was to do a PBEM one-on-one to try out Torchbearer, and picked up the Thief as a creative solo adventurer. We quickly began riffing off of Indiana Jones motifs – ala “that belongs in a museum!” – and had fun with it. Our initial adventure is Ossuary of the Dead God (not anything like an Arc of the Covenant, of course), which has been lost to time because none knew where it was buried. Armed with the Headpiece of the Staff of Zhatavar, our hero arrives at the monastery built upon the ancient ruins that the headpiece’s runes led to, and the adventure begins.]