Situation Mining Bog Posts

After going through the process of getting together with Drew and Rachel and finding the Situation in the Kingmaker Adventure Paths for our Swordlords game I started looking at the Adventure Paths, especially the player’s guides that has maps and stuff for free on the Paizo site and thinking about how to turn them into BW games.

And I turned those thoughts into blog posts (and one of those blog posts has become a regular game).

Here they are:

Iron Gods

Torch is a small town in Numeria with a flame atop a hill that allowed its smiths to smelt and work skymetal. Through that industry, the town was able to scratch out a living in the shadow of the greedy Technic League, a confederation of merciless sorcerers who profit off of all artifact salvage.

Torch’s hilltop flame went out.

  • BAM *

There’s the Situation.

The town’s flame went out. The town’s wizard has gone missing and the Technic League will be coming before too long to collect taxes.

Add in science-fantasy craziness to taste and there you go.

Shattered Star

Players are vultures, thieves who prey on adventurers.

Skull & Shackles

You’ve been press ganged into the Chelaxite navy!

I like having pre-made, ready to go characters burned up with some belief guidelines for pick-up-and-play. It is fun. Those guided questions for the beliefs that link to the situation are important.

I’ll be writing up more and a few that won’t be based on any modules or adventure paths, taking some things we’ve learned about playing different characters in the same world.

Thoughts, comments, critique are appreciated as always.

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I would think that it would be fairly easy to convert PF to BW … I would focus more so on transporting the story and then figure out how to tie characters to it during burning. One thing i found i hated with my group was we greatly dislike premade characters. I just feels better when i had a hand in making the PC and writing up his/her beliefs

BW is a very versatile system like that, you can do anything. I wish I could help out more but if i ever did play any of those it was maybe for a session before the group died.
Pathfinder wasnt very kind to me … and Society was just plain evil.

Thank you. I’m less interested in converting PF to BW and more interested in taking out what I can use and leaving the rest either to rot or inspire later if I decide to peruse it for ideas.

Hand-making characters can be really fun and nothing is stopping folks for taking the ideas in the posts and making their own but I like having the pre-mades for fast pick-up-and-play options.

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