Six Characters

Our party of four adventurers has just grown to six! It has me a little worried about both challenging them and involving them all.

Any tips or ideas?

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Longer sessions will help you get to each player, especially if they have disparate goals / beliefs.

Regardless, let them know that while everyone gets a chance to shine, you have to share the spotlight around (bearing in mind that you have to keep this promise).

Ensure all your players have a belief that connects them to other members in the party. If the incoming characters have strong ties with the established characters (family, childhood best friends, former lovers etc, loyal servants etc) it will help them feel like they are part of the game from word go.

In my experience, the more players you have, the harder it is to run a player driven game, especially if everyone is pursuing different goals. Perhaps counter this by asking everyone for a strong belief about the macguffin. Not the same belief, mind; they might be pursuing the same goal, but with a different reason for (wanting / hating / fearing it) and different ideas about (what to do with it / about it / who should be told about it).

Best of luck!

Edit: Sigh. I just realised this is the TB forum and not the BW. I don’t know how much of this applies.


Be a little stingy with rewards. With more players it is easy for more people to earn rewards than to spend them.

Treasure, on the other hand, you can still pile on, because it’s easy to hand out conditions to all those helpers.

Adjust your expectations about obstacles. A party of six can usually hit obs 4 and 5 with ease.

Manage the spotlight actively. Torchbearer can favor the bombastic, so get a talking stick or something to make sure everyone is leading rolls. Or just steal marching order from Goblinville! :slight_smile:


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