Six New Torchbearer Classes!

Have you been missing classes like the Monk or Barbarian in your Torchbearer games? Well Jared Sorensen, the guy behind genius RPGs like Inspectres and Lacuna (not to mention one of our Torchbearer developers), has you covered. He’s just released the very first Torchbearer supplement under our Torchbearer Sagas license: The Wanderers!

It offers up six classes: the assassin, barbarian, half-elf bard, druid, monk and strider. He’s selling the whole package for $6, which comes down to $1 per class. Check it out!

I think my favorite thing is that the Barbarian class gets a choice at first level:
[li][FONT=arial]They can be an Outlander, recently arrived in civilized lands with a full complement of gear, including either hide armor(!) or a weapon[/li][li]Or they can be Escaped: They start with nothing but the clothes on their backs, but they get to take an additional Wise related to the culture that enslaved them.[/li][/ul]

Awesome! Will have to wait until next week, but yeah, definitely getting this.

I went in some odd directions for some of these…tried to make them memorable and trope-rich without being too generic or specific.

For the Assassin I combined elements of clerics with elements of thieves. Add a devotion to the Lords of Death and Darkness and he’s pretty formidable.
The Barbarian can hail from any distant, untamed land — be it jungles, frozen wastes or deserts. Not just the classic guy in furs and carrying an axe or club.
The Druid is a nature priest, a cleric who follows the Old Gods rather than these relatively young Immortal Lords. Also, they don’t scribe scrolls! Rather, they do something a bit more permanent.
The Bard is half-elven and has the freedom of living between the worlds of Men and Elves. As such, you get access to many benefits from my classes. Her nature is fluid as well, allowing you to answer questions from both the human and elf lists.
The Monk is an ascetic wanderer, devout and determined. You can easily imagine the Shaolin kung fu master of old D&D but this class is appropriate for any pious pilgrim: Friar Tuck, Seth (from the Beastmaster) or a yoga master would all fit.
Lastly, I knew we needed a human equivalent of the elf ranger—so, the Strider. Removed the magic, added some dual-wielding benefits and a cool animal companion at level 5.

That link isn’t working for me. It’s taking me to Paypal with a session timed out error.

Try this link.

TOTALLY not going to infect your computer. Absolutely not. This BW forum account is not hacked or anything.

Neither link works for me - they both end up at paypal withe either a timeout error, or no error but also no information regardinh what I’m paying for…

If this doesn’t work I suggest moving to not the UK.

That last link worked for me. I mean, it worked at charging me $6 through PayPal. The download link I’m assuming should be showing up in my inbox any moment now.

I also notice some tantalising hints of levels 6-10…

I used the second link (the one) yesterday and it seemed to go through fine, but no download link yet.

Got no incoming emails from “dysjunct” so I have no idea who you are.

Anyway, all orders shipped. Check yo’ spam folder, foo’.

That last link did the trick.

Purchased. Can’t wait to receive them!

This is just a PDF expansion right? Just PayPal keeps telling me that…“Our system does not allow you to ship to these countries.”

Think I had a work around. Please email me if it worked!

Also note, that is NOT my actual physical address!!!


Bought on the second link.

Just ordered, but had to use a borderlinx shipping address as non-US address was not accepted. Maybe, you should check this requirement to allow non-US people to order without hassle. :slight_smile:

Anyway, looking forward to the email.

Should be fixed for all you internationals.

Is there a reason you’re making this hard to get?

Pre-scarcity society!