Size of The Territories

There has been suggestions for the size of the Territories. In the Mice Population-thread was referenced to 1" = 1 day’s travel for a mouse and that one day’s travel for a mouse would be about a kilometer or maybe one and a half if they’re in a hurry. With these estimations the shown part of the Territories on the map is about 7*8 km

When I read Winter 1152 (03) I stumbled on the fact that the Hare Riders seems to be able to reach ‘‘Oakgrove and the Lake Cities’’ from Lockhaven ‘‘by tomorrow’s mid-morn…’’ Here Isabel is stopped by the other mouse but I guess she was going to say ‘‘morning’’. Does anyone know anything about hares and speed?

For my own campaign, I established that it was around a weeks travel between Lockhaven & Ironwood, and have been using that as a referent ever since. Hare travel was recently featured, and I set the speed of that a 7 to 1 compared to mice on foot. So 1 day between most towns.

I’ve never tried relating mouse distances to any real world measurements.

Some googling suggests that hares can reach 7 - 20 m/s at maximum speed. That’ll be 25 - 72 km/h. Some said 25 km/h at average. They also jump about 3 meters if they have to. Some talk about maximum 40 km/h.

Maybe 25 km/h for normal speed, 40 km/h for high speed and 72 for extreme speed when stressed and running for it’s life. Using other estimations from other threads and measuring at the map there might about 40 km from Lockhaven to Oakgrove, a travel a hare could take in a few hours. Maybe they and or the mice need to take some breaks to. Anyway it’s much, much quicker than traveling by foot for a mouse and the factor between mice and hares is about 20 at travel speed. The factor between men and horse at travel speed isn’t much over 1 and at high speed not much more than 2. Hares is, considering speed, more like driving a car than riding a horse for the mice :slight_smile:

Do note that while the hares can do such speed, I would wager these are short bursts of speed and not maintained for more than a few minutes.

In the spirit of the game and the comics, I would say that a hare’s trot (one that the hare can maintain all day long) would equal a mouse’s sprint. So while a mouse can technically run as fast as a hare, the hare can maintain the pace longer and thus end up with more distance travelled at the end of the day.