Skill List

I noticed that BE does not have any kind of Skill Index. So if you want to know if a certain skill exists, you have to dig through the master index, and they’re in the same font as the Traits.

Does anyone have a skill index in a word-processor type format they could send me?

And Luke, if no one does, and I write up my own, would it be ok to post it here or on the wiki?

Well, unlike the BW character burner, all of the skills are in the same place, listed alphabetically. So unless you just need to find out whether a skill exists really fast, that’s better than an index.

EDIT: So what I was just waking up and trying to say is, what do you need here?

For the Paranoia mod I’m working on, I’d like to be able to write up a list of the skills and what clearance level they’re rated at. Having a skill list already in text format makes that job so much easier.

Aha! Yeah, it sure does.