SKill Restrictions

The entry on spending general skill points says that they may be spent on any non-restricted skills. What constitutes a restricted skill? I see that some skills have stock restrictions, but is something like war art restricted to mask bearers? There is no lifepath requirement noted; however, the entry describes it as being used by mask bearers. Also, can general skill points be spent on lifepath skills from other lifepaths that one does not take, if they’re not on the general list. For instance, can an elf without the lord protector lifepath spend general skill points to open ballad of rage? Lastly, I am under the impression that opening skills at grey costs 5 points total, the initial 1 being encompassed within the 5 point cost (please correct me if I have that wrong). Does it cost an extra point (6 points total) to open a magical skill at grey, since they cost to 2 to normally open?

Only skills that have an actual restriction listed are prohibited. The skill descriptions just indicate which LP is associated with it.

If your group consents to a gray skill, it costs its opening cost as normal, and then 5 skill points to shift to grey. Opening a natural magic skill (assuming Black Will) at Grey would cost 7 points, for example.

Thanks for the answer. Does that answer both my first and second question or just the first? Sorry for the need for clarification. I just want to make sure I have this stuff down.

Skills that are Restricted have a “Restrictions” line after Tools. For example, “Bastions of Hatred” is restricted to Orcs only and cannot be picked up by any other stock, even via general points.