Skill Roots

By the way, here’s some rough stats to the number of skills based on which root. This is from BWR, but I don’t imagine it’s changed radically.

For 2.5
Pow 4.5
Spd 4.5
Hat 5
Agl 62
Wil 109.5
Per 136

The .5 come from multi-stat skill roots, I count those as half for each.

Obviously Perception and Will come out way ahead, Agility far behind, and the rest have basically nothing rooted in them.

According to the Monster Burner:

The most common roots for skills are Perception, Will and Agility. Why? Because that is the kind of creature that human beings are; we use our insight, empathy and manual dexterity to solve problems.


Create some Giant life paths, and I could see Power and Forte making a lot of appearances in their specialized skills—applying their advantages in that area in specific ways that would pretty well kill other stocks.

Likewise, centaurs would probably have more Speed and Forte rooted skills.