Skill Toolkits

Yo, quick question: Does buying a Skill Toolkit* in character burning mean that I have all the toolkits I need for all of my tool-using skills? Or us it one kit per skill?

*I’m looking at the Mannish gear list here (BWG 202), where a Skill Toolkit is 8 rps. Other stocks have similar entries at varying prices.

1 per Skill

Jesus Christ. That’s a lot of double obstacle penalties. Unless you want to start the game naked and homeless.

The limitation on tool kits creates an economy in play.

I’m not questioning the design decision. Just acknowledging the pain.

Yeah, toolkits are SRS BSNS.

One of the big advantages of Field Dressing over Surgery is that the toolkit for it is “traveling gear.” (The disadvantage is that the Obs are higher, of course. Especially for the really brutal life-and-death stuff.)

Bloodletters rule! Really low obstacles and a non expendable tool kit.

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