Skills at Recruitment

The book mentions that there are skills that most of the MG have (the ones on the character sheet already) but it also says that it isn’t necessary to pick those up. If you don’t take one of those do they still count towards your total 24? And if not is there a character sheet that has those spaces blank for people who don’t plan on taking some of those?

They don’t count if you don’t have them. But what self-respecting Guard wouldn’t have them all?

Thanks for the clarification. And to answer your question. One of the player’s in my group created a mouse whose belief involves telling the truth, he decided that the ‘Deceiver’ skill wasn’t one he planned on taking. Of course that might change int he future but for now he wanted that space free for another skill. Which made me realize I could see various reasons why one or another skill wasn’t picked up.

Talk to me when he fills up all of his skills. I’ll be interested to see the list.

When he fills up all 24 or when he finishes character creation?

All 24.

Man, imagine the fun of pushing the belief of a mouse who values the truth while being a very good liar.