Skills for a Beetle-Wrangling Conflict

It’s fall–time to bring in the herds for the winter. I want to do an extended conflict of beetle-wrangling in my next session. My initial thought is to use Insectrist for Attack and Defense and Loremouse/Nature for Maneuver end Feint. Any thoughts?

That sounds good.

Maybe get really funky and use Beetle-wise for one of the actions, but only if a player actually has the skill.

OK, cool. Neat idea about using a Wise but I don’t think any of my players have one that specific.

What’s a good goal for the beetle here? Obviously, the mice are trying to keep the herd from dispersing or getting hurt. Could they be trying to lead the PCs into danger?

Eat all the harvest from this area before rudely being pushed off.

Oh, that’s good. I’ll pocket misleading the patrol for a potential compromise.