skills not on the character sheet like sailor--are they defined in the rules?

Several skills from the home towns are not listed on the character sheet like Sailor, Steward, Peasant, and Weaver. Are these skills defined in the rules or does the GM just wing it allowing rolls when it makes sense?

Also curious if anyone knows the difference between Survivalist and Pathfinder. Finally, does a cleric use a skill to use prayers (maybe Ritualist?).

Going off of Mouse Guard, skills not listed on the character sheet still will receive full write-ups of descriptions of use and obstacle factors.

Also from Mouse Guard, Pathfinder is trailblazing and navigating between settlements. Survivalist is finding food and shelter in the wild.

Survivalist: foraging, building shelter, finding clean water.

Pathfinder: wayfinding, tracking, orienteering.

From the back of the character sheet, Theologian is used to memorize spells, so that might be used for casting them as well. I’m going to hazard a guess that spells will work like skills, with a list of obstacle factors determining what they can accomplish with a successful test.

Yep. And Theologian is also useful in knowing about the planes, angels and demons and weird religious shit. Like how to kill vampires!

I wondered because the ranger has survivalist but not pathfinder. So they may get lost but never run out of food and water I suppose? Maybe they just don’t care if they ever make it back to civilization…

Interesting. But ritualist is higher. So they are best at ceremonies? Or are rituals magical in nature. Just trying to grok the cleric.