Skills of a village/city wife

With the village wife and city wife, the lifepath states that the wife get 1/2 of the skill points, 1/2 or 1/4 of his resources, and can choose from husband. It is also stated that the wife can choose the husbands lifepath from the appropriate setting (village or city depending on the wife path).

So my question is this. when burning a wife, are the skill choices and skill/res points the wife has access to from only one husband lifepath or does it come from the totals of the husband? So for instance, if a village wife is being burned would the player choose only one path, we will say merchant and therefore get access to merchant skills, +3 skill points and +15 res? Or should the player choose 4 lifepaths for the husband (basically do a light burn of him), total the skill point, res, and skills and then apply the fractions to it.

As a system it would seem logical that the wife would only get the “bonus” points and skills from one. But I can see an argument that the wife would have access to everything the husband has and is up through the marriage.

I’ve always played it as only one.

Only one. Otherwise, what stops people from going - I’m married to a 7 LP husband! Give me 16 skill points! I think I’ll take this LP again!"

That said, aside from letting you access Skills without having to do LP chain to get there, it’s an excellent bridge as far as Reputations, Affiliations and Circles go.

And if you want to be GOOD at the skills you have access to, an LP or two in Student will pour on the points for that.


Yeah, that is what made the most sense to me, otherwise it totally makes the char get way too many points. Just wanted to verify that so my players are making burning mistakes.