[ skogenby - moster stats ] these are misprints or I miss something

  1. honor guards have listet X, sword as weapon in defend and attack - does that just mean i should reference Torchbearer book for explanations of sword bonuses?

  2. in example

If fighting Haathor-Vash and her honor guard, they start with a disposition of 13 for kill, 16 for drive off and Nature +3D + base Nature for capture.

  • how it comes so high numbers if H-V is kill:8, convince:13, flee:4 and banish:10 or just set to those?

I’m counting: kill: 8+3*1 = 11 (H-V with honor guards) - right?

thank you,

Good catch. It’s a long-standing tradition! The example is wrong. Haathor-Vash’s stats got swapped around a bit right before publication and the example wasn’t updated to match. You’re correct about the Kill conflict dispo. It would be 11 with her honor guards.

Monster weapons are like any other weapons. The sword gives +1D to one action type of your choice, so the bonus can vary from fight to fight. It’s in the Gear chapter.

[Edit: Also, Haathor-Vash doesn’t have a listed dispo for Drive-Off.]

From a very old thread: