Slave to Fate Trait

I’ve been looking for advice on how to better involve the dwarven rune caster in my group. Crucible link to the character here. Do any of you have any light to shed on the Slave to Fate trait and how it could be used/how you have used it in game?


Runecasers are fatalists. The believe who heartedly that the runes are a guide to seeing your fate, and that you must embrace your fate.

In our last game
*The Runes told that a particular NPC Dwarf would find a Lost Treasure that would allow the Dwarvish people against a great enemy. It didn’t say he was going to be the leader to unite the people at all, and we began plotting his downfall to take the leadership ourselves. We didn’t mention the curse on the item either, that dooms it’s wielder to martyrdom, but that is only a problem for the guy we chose to wield it.

  • The runes showed that there was magic to be harnessed in the depths of the abandoned hold our group was re-settling, and my runecaster character would learn it. Too bad it was filthy Orc magic, but his fate was set with the cast of the runes.
  • The runes showed that to unite the Dwarven kingdoms, my PC had to make sure our newly settled hold must BURN, burn bright like a funeral pyre, to be a beacon of rage and righteous anger, a blazing star in the dark of night to light the way to victory over our most hated foe. So, I’m edging it along a little, just need to make sure my PC and the one he loves survive to spread the word, after all, he sworn an oath on that.

Rune casting has no small results. All results are big. There is no “Runes are bad so don’t go out on Friday and you should be fine”. It’s all “You will lead an expedition to Moria and there find Kingly greatness that will make your name immortal”, or “Do this and your will lead your people to certain, painful, unyielding doom”. It’s about Epic Results. It’s a device you can use to Milk for Artha for the group if you keep doing your Epic stuff, but the consequences of success or failure in the Runecast and in the doing of the final deed, are death and glory and wealth beyond measure.

Ruencasting can be friken awesome if you milk it for big, glorious deeds and the occasional FUBAR casting.