Sling Weapon for BWG

Not owning Mouse Guard, unfortunately, I’ve cobbled together a Sling for BWG. Would like to know how it compares/holds up.

DoF - I: 1-3 M: 4-5 S: 6
Weapon Power: +1
Range: 50 Paces (As Arquebus), +1D to Positioning in Optimal and Extreme/OoR conditions
Actions: Same as Thrown Weapons (2 in Fight!)
Price: 5 rps

This ignores the use of slings as an in-fighting weapon, but I was trying to keep it relatively honest and fair with regards to the other weapons of its sort. Its ammunition is nearly limitless, after all.

In a game permitting it, I’d let players take Sling instead of Bow wherever it’d be appropriate (as a Hunter, for example).

I was considering increasing the Weapon Power by one, or shifting the IMS to be like a Throwing Knife’s, or increasing the Actions in a Fight! by one, but this seemed decent to me. Any thoughts?

Pretty good I think.

Actions, Sling - 2 Actions, Reload - ? [I’d go for 3,` maybe 4 actions top]

If you scan the threads, you’ll find slings discussed before for BWR…