Smart trait - Character trait, DT or C-O?

I’m burning my Engineer and I was wondering about my requested Smart skill. Can’t find it on the Traits list.

Why shouldn’t it be a DT with a 1 die Perception Test bonus?

Why shouldn’t it be a Call-On for any one skill rooted in Perception, chosen at character burning?

Why shouldn’t it improve your Perception aptitude by one?

Why shouldn’t it give you a 1D Reputation as a clever bastard?

If you can’t find it on the trait list, it’s a characater trait; Luke didn’t waste word count on describing all of them.

You can play into it and lobby for it to get upgraded at a trait vote!


Yeah, I tried to make a better list, but I definitely missed a few character traits.

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As the correct answer “it’s a character trait” has been given, let me answer this :slight_smile:

Single point bonuses are both really good and also dull.

+1D means you advance at one level below the number of dice you roll, cap at one more for total, and obviously have that extra die. But it doesn’t really reward risk or particular behaviour, it’s just generically good. If you want to roll versus tests it’s good. If you want to roll Difficult/Challenging tests for Advancement it’s OK, and if you want to roll easy stuff it’s still good. But it’s also never awesome: I might want an extra die every time I roll, but it’s a nicety, not a session winner.

Traits like Bookworm, that change aptitude, reward trying new skills (and failing at them). Call-Ons are awesome because when you need them they feel really impactful: that clutch roll going wrong and then being righted is absolutely one of the best feelings. Traits that futz the numbers just a little and reward you for weird stuff are always a little more welcome.

So the average trait should be a character trait, and when they’re not character traits they should only very rarely grant direct bonuses, especially to things that get rolled all the time by any type of character like Perception. If you wanted a LP to give a bonus to Perception, it’d have +1M.


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