So... Ditching Nature for Non-Animal Games?

I see this idea mentioned in several threads but have yet to find a real discussion on it.

And since I’m currently working on a BPRD hack(having ditched the Fallout idea) I’m really curious how I would either incorporate Nature to these characters or find something to replace it. Because I do see how since humans are all raised so differently there really couldn’t be much of an overriding nature, and then throw in parahuman characters who are all different… Sheesh.

Maybe this would be a good area to include a Sanity stat? Something that every needs to deal with, Human and Parahuman alike.

[EDIT] Changed the title of the thread since the subject was resolved.[EDIT]

Okay, so been doing some brainstorming with some friends and we’ve come up with the idea of maybe keeping Nature, but tailoring it as “Nature (Hero)” being that the BPRD has strict hiring practices. The lower it gets the more Frightened or Fed up you’ve become with the job and can no longer be sent out on missions, and once it hits 7 you’ve become too Reckless to be trusted.

I just need the keywords…

Nature is “natural” limit on character growth.

It’s also part of not overly brutalizing PC’s if you overbalance an encounter, as the use of Nature is equivalent to the use of Deeds in BWR or BE.

Which are exactly the reasons I was hesitant, but I’d seen it mentioned as fact in a couple threads so I thought I’d ask. And, as you see I decided to keep it as Nature (BPRD), as my solution. But thanks.

Okay, so, I changed the title of this thread since the issue was resolved, and it was more for my own edification. So now it’s going to be about my BPRD/Hellboy hack.

So the things I realize I’m going to need to do:

  1. Modify “Nature”; This is mostly done, at least in the case of BPRD Agents, I just need to determine the four Keywords. Can’t wait to write “Nature (Nazi)”

  2. Rename Skills; Not gonna be a huge issue, just change Loremouse to Lore, Sciencemouse to Science, Etc. Now figuring out all the wises will be the hard part of this.

  3. Traits; Now this is probably going to be the hardest part. Having to retool all the descriptions, remove ones that don’t make sense and create new ones. All the “Enhanced Talent” abilities will be represented by traits i.e. Pyrokenetic, Strong As An Ox, etc.

  4. Retooling the Conflict tables; Like “Fight Monster/Beast” and changing the skills associated

  5. Rewriting all the Recruitment section; This includes splitting the Where are you from to “Enhanced Talent” and “Normal Human” I then ahfta write up the various agencies and fields you can be from i.e Academic, MilitARY, Law Enforcement, etc.

  6. Last stepp will be statting up all the BPRD Agent types, and the fun Monsters. Also writing up some background stuff.

Any suggestions are appreciated, and I will definitely keep you all up to date.