So has anyone commented on BE Easter eggs yet?

I’d like to nominate Tailhook, at the very least.

I have no idea what you’re talking about, but you might also check out this thread:

and this one for BW:

I was wondering how long that one would take. 8)

Yes, I’d seen those threads (though I have not found the references because I haven’t read the BW books in detail.) I’m interested by the fact that you say you don’t know what I’m talking about, but Thor does. Is there a story there, Thor? :wink:

Also, my husband thinks it’s ironic that I, a woman, seem to be the first to catch the Tailhook reference. For those who have only the hardcopy of the book: Tailhook is the third trait available for Coeptir lifepath in the Hammer setting. Since you can only take this as your second lifepath, this makes it essentially a midshipman rank. And, of course, there is no Tailhook entry in the list of traits. For the younger (or more oblivious) readers who don’t recognize the term: start here.

Oh, I don’t know if “Tin Foil Hat” (p. 397) should count as an Easter egg since it’s pretty much in plain sight, but my husband homed in on this about 3.2 nanoseconds after getting his book.

Its not my fault that the book opened to that page. Its almost as if someone was trying to tell me something!

The truth is out there. :smiley:

I call them more pop culture references than Easter Eggs. Now “Raise Bread” - there’s an Easter Egg!

Anyways, most of the traits and LP names in the Kerrn setting crack me up. Say them out loud in your best Arnie voice for full effect.

Would the Effector and Effector Bed/Drone be references to Ian M Bank? They sure seem like Culture items, although the Effector would need to work on organics to be a Culture one.

Take a look at the 'ography. (Luke - can I have my books back? :smiley: )

Give Alexander his books back.


ZOMG! Banks fans! Woo! Found another favorite game company. Does this mean that there’s the potential of finding a cache of gridfire projectors out in the void somewhere? Or Idirans?