So I am going to run a Burning Empires Game...

and I burnt up my first FoN. The player characters are seven, seven and six lifepaths so according to the rulebook I should go with nine, nine and eight for my FoN.
So I just finished creating my first one, the forged lord of the planet. She is the hateful stepmother of one of the characters and a powerful psychologist who just took over the planet and had her husband executed for his continued infidelity (with her sister of all people).
So, with this in mind I chose the following lifepaths:
Born to Rule, Foundation Student, Psychologist, Psychologist, Speaker, Speaker, 1st Speaker, Forged Lord and Imperial Steward (we play in the Darikhan Empire).

This seems extremely potent compared to the player characters and I am wondering if that isn’t a bit overkill as she can blow any PC out of the water in a DoW and still has powerful psychology and a Hammer Lord as her 2iC.

So I guess I am looking for assurance that I did everything right and I am not being unfair towards my fellow players.

It all comes out in the wash when it comes time to award pregame Artha. Giving the GMFONs a big leg up on the Artha race means ceding the first 1-3 Maneuver rolls. Virtually a guaranteed human loss if the GM is smart about it.

Well, my wife just decided to drop from 6 to five lifepaths. So she has the most Artha and after me she has the most BW experience and I doubt she is just going to hand the phase to me ^^