So I gave a copy of MG to Scott Kurtz today

I’m at C2E2 today. I found out Scott Kurtz, the creator of the webcomic PvP, was going to be here. For some reason, I decided to give him my copy of the MG rpg. Not sure why. I know he plays D&D, having done those podcasts for WotC with the Penny Arcade guys and Will Wheaton. I wanted to give him a BW game, and I figued that MG is a great starter rpg, and it’s subject matter is from an indie artist, just like him. I figure, hey, maybe he’ll do a podcast about it or show it to the Penny Arcade guys. :slight_smile:

Thankfully, David Petersen is here, so I bought a new copy of the game and got him to draw in it for me.

So, there you go. Guerilla marketing!

Nicely done, sir! Though I dislike 4e, the podcasts were damn entertaining.

(So seriously… how much is Luke giving you should you score a few Wil Wheaton/Scott Kurtz MG actual play podcasts?)

Had he heard of it before?

Here’s a shot of me and Mr. Kurtz:

And here’s what Mr. Petersen drew in my new copy of MG:

I’m not entirely sure he had; possibly. He said he loves the Mouse Guard comic.

Coolness. Job well-done!

That’s awesome of you to do that! I hope Scott and his gamer friends enjoy it.

(and I didn’t know he was a fan of the comics…very cool)

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any postings or comics from him about MG. But I was probably getting my hopes up. :slight_smile: