So now I have it and...

…it’s the most awesome of books ever. Saw one of my players at lunch today and he already seemed interested, just from the back blurb. Muhahahaha…

Seriously, the book is frikkin gorgeous. And the read is quite fun - I’m enjoying it quite a lot.

Hats off to Luke and the BW crew for this. BE is really, really good.

Looks like you’ve gotten more of my money mate (BW, MonBur, MagBur, and now BE).

Mouse Guard might be in the cards this summer…

Thanks, man! I hope you enjoy the game. It’s a great game, but very different. It really attacks one’s assumptions about RPGs.


Well, BW did that to a large degree already, frankly - it was a mind twister. Hell, as you know, it was a group destroyer, but in a grood way, since I finally figured out why I was bored to death in my games. You said something to me once, in a 101 Days thread I had elsewhere, something like “Don’t give up, stay the course.” How true it was! Not as much as I’d wanted, though it later turns out I should have; it came out that the group and I really, really didn’t mesh. Much, much happier now. Even though I’m not yet playing Burning games with the group, they’re the sort who’d appreciate them, I think.

Glad I helped! I find that if I give up too quickly, I don’t learn the important lesson.

It is a great game, to be sure! I hope you get to experience it with your crew.

And you should definitely get Mouse Guard! In fact, it sounds from your other posts like a good progression for your group might be to start with Mouse Guard, and move “up” to Burning games from there.


Well, I think it’ll be okay - honestly, I don’t think it’s that big a deal to start with any of the Burning games - I’d rather go with what they like and are interested in than something merely for the purposes of “training” them. This is not a course, after all, nor am I imparting skills - I’m playing a game, yeah? I’m sure we’ll be fine, whatever we do. Just got to make sure to do it right (and, as I’ve said before, to make sure the players particularly understand the deal - that’s what killed my last group).