So what happened to the BE wiki?

Every link I find just takes me to this?

they got us good.

Well, if both applications had the same weakness it’s pretty easy to drive by on this. I’ve taken the wiki offline and will be cleaning up when I get in to work today since this issue only appears under Windows Chrome and not linux anything as I have here at home.

Aw, terrible timing for us - although glad to hear the hard-working Opvraeta are on it already! :slight_smile:

Yeah, should have gotten that done before the weekend. Might not be able to get to it until tomorrow. Work has been insane this week.

Take your time, Colin. It’s not a rush.

Oh I know, it’s more of an acknowledgement that it needs doing and is on my plate, just somewhat below the “oh god everything is on fire” entry that is work.

Just cleaned this up. It was some sort of injected javascript attack against all js files in the wiki. Researching what the thing is now that it’s all fixed.

Thanks Colin! Much appreciated!