Social Armor

Thought on titles in BWG being social armor. While I like blossoms perspective I think it works best for Blossoms.

Ultimately you’d insert what titles were apppropriate for your setting. I’d assume the actual titles would be story-arch rewards.

Number of dice based on level of title. In areas with many titles double up on dice.
Titles degrade like armor. You may need to hire someone to repair it.
Poor, run of the mill and superior are replaced with ceremonial, landed and royalty.

Preliminary thoughts?

Hmm, I think it could work in some situations, but could create hokey effects in others. Having a noble title does give you an advantage in social situations IF the other party recognizes your social status as being superior to theirs, AND accepts that superiority. But what of the many situations when this would not apply? The king pulling rank to make you bend the knee (your social armor might apply to an extent, but at the end of the day, the king’s the king), or the bandit intimidating you to fork over your purse (in this case, your well-known social status might have been the very reason the bandit targeted you!). Sure, you could just have the social armor “turn off” when it’s not appropriate, but then you end up having long discussions about recognition of status before every DoW.

Here’s an idea that involves little actual tinkering with the rules: What I think might work better is to take a cue from Traveller – make social status a STAT. Normal folk wouldn’t have that stat at all; they must rely on their Will to get them through social conflicts. Upper-class characters would have a Social Standing stat that reflects their actual rank in the social hierarchy. In most social conflicts, they could CHOOSE to use either their Will or their Social Standing as the root for their social skills. But the catch – of course, there’s always a catch – is that they MUST use their Social Standing as their root stat when in a social conflict with a superior.

Whaddaya think?

I do think there should be bonuses for ‘home court’ advantage - finery, sympathetic audience, awe-inspiring throne rooms, etc. (I suspect this was the point of such places.)

Use the new Advantage system! Are Advantages applied in DoW in BWG too?

There is no reason to assume they aren’t.