Some additional Questions

Hey all! So I just finished my third game of Mouse Guard (one 1-shot and 2 games with the same group) and, while there are less questions popping up there were a few and I just wanted to make sure that I got them clarified. There was another thread about very much the same thing but I thought it would be polite to start another thread instead of hijacking it. Here goes:

  1. If there is a vs. test between two members of the party do I as the GM have the option of adding a condition or a twist to the person who lost the test?
  2. Can you use Nature in a Chase conflict if you are fleeing? I ruled that Nature could be used to escape in a Chase but not to run after something.
  3. Persona points. Can you spend a Persona point AFTER you roll or do they have to be declared before the dice hit the table?
  4. In a Conflict can you get more than one check for a skill (a Pass and a Fail)? If you use more than one skill in a Conflict can you get a check for both of them?
  5. When people help with a roll do they get Passes or Fails or just the person rolling?

The game went much better this time as I did a much better job of using longer conflicts interspersed with Vs. and simple tests.

  1. Never had this happen, but I would be inclined to say no. The fact that one PC lost the test is functionally the same as a Twist.

  2. Isn’t one of the nature descriptors “scurrying?” I’d say they could use it.

  3. Spend persona to add dice before a roll.

  4. One test for advancement per skill/ability used in a Conflict, either Pass or Fail. Not both.

  5. Just the person rolling.

There’s a thread on this topic somewhere…Found it! Starts at Post #19 of this thread.

  1. Isn’t one of the nature descriptors “scurrying?” I’d say they could use it.

Nope. Hiding, climbing, foraging, escaping. So, chasing someone up a tree is cool.

  1. hrm, I’ve played it allowing a Vs, yeah. And then I encouraged the players to decide whether it resulted in Success w/ Condition or Twist. I just tried to manage the results so it doesn’t go crazy.

  2. meh. you can use it for escaping; however, I think it it has come to a Conflict, I would hold to the Conflict skills. But, since escaping is really critical for mice, I’d check if the patrol is really just running away from a confrontation. If there is no other minor/major goal, maybe–and it depends–maybe it is better as a Vs test. In fact, maybe the Twist of an attempt to escape clean is the Chase Conflict.

  3. again, meh. I’ve allowed that, but I think the preference is to call the Persona before the roll, after the factoring (or Vs) has been stated.

  4. I’d rule that as long as the skill is different, a PC can mark the pass/fail more than once during a Conflict. The same might occur in a Complex Obstacle.

  5. already answered.

If it’s a conflict where they’re escaping, they can definitely substitute Nature for the appropriate skill. That’s the power of Nature: if you’re acting within its bonds, you can do so much with a lot of power, if you have good Nature. There’s some similar stuff in Torchbearer, like the Dwarf having the “Avenging Grudges” descriptor–if they’ve sworn to avenge a grudge, and a conflict helps them do that? Totally let them have it!

Escaping totally, I thought the OP was about chasing after something.

Yeah, I was speaking more of kendesign’s point.

I was looking at both, actually. In some conflicts it lists Nature as a skill to use. It didn’t mention anything about Nature under Chases.
Thanks for the info everyone!

So, you can always roll Nature instead of a skill, if what you’re doing falls under your Nature. When you’re chasing someone, that isn’t really covered under a Nature descriptor. But if you’re being chased, that falls under it. Mice are good at getting away!

If a conflict says to roll your Nature, you roll your Nature no matter what. If a conflict says to roll an ability/skill, you may roll your Nature instead if you meet the prerequisites.

So am I to understand that the majority of folks on here don’t really use vs. tests amongst party members settling a dispute. The thought process here being that if it is something that matters that much a full blown Conflict would probably be better? I did it primarily to expedite the decision process (and to give the opportunity for another skill check).

From the link to the other post, Luke Crane mentions that dice shouldn’t come out unless there is something dramatic happening, which I am a big believer of. Do most people who run Mouse Guard not encourage dissent within the Patrol? (Dissent, mind you, not mutiny!)

Tests between PC’s are fine, but I’d make the players do them during their turn, not on the GM’s turn. If they want to get into it with eachother, they best be willing to give up that check!

I’d whip out a quick versus test in the GMs turn, I’m not one to stand in the way of inter party drama. I’m also willing to sic a badger on them while they’re in the middle of a heated argument :wink: