Some Changes

I like what I’m reading so far, but some changes baffle me. Why did you change Avoid so that it doesn’t counter Great Strike, and how come elves just live for longer than humans instead of forever?

You must be reading the 4E version of Burning Wheel.

You can tell by the CB chapter entitled “Houseboats of the Bog Hobbits.”

The Bog Hobbit lifepaths are by far my greatest creation. I fear I will never top that feat.

“Mud for Feet” Dt is my favorite trait in the book!

Rigging up the Wizard LP so that they have the trait Longbottom, forcing them to be addicted to Longbottom leaf was over the top. /sarcasm

But seriously, Rattiquette is the strangest fucking skill ever but it is an interesting note on the setting of Burning Wheel and its sentient rats.

Are there seriously bog hobbits? Or are you guys being sarcastic? Because … bog hobbits would be AWESOME.

In 4e? Absolutely.

(And Dro, you read my mind.)

Damn, if I knew there was a 4E BW coming out I just would have waited for BW Essentials. :\

Hey Judd, I just thought that was a reference to Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser’s story with the rats… (I think its in Swords of Lankhmar).


I think the original reference is to the movie Willard.

Not to mention Pinky and the Brain…

Good call. I haven’t read that one in a while. Right.

I need to re-read them.

When is the BW Board Game set to be released?

I will pay money right now for a bog hobbits PDF.