Some conflict questions

We did our first conflict tonight to test it out and I have a couple things I’d like to get some clarification on.

  1. When generating disposition for the player team, can the group captain use traits, nature, or rewards to help? I think I read no somewhere, but can’t remember.

  2. As the GM, when generating disposition, do I add any additional disposition to my monster group if I have more than one? For example, a Drive Off for Stone Guardians is 11. Does that stand regardless of the number of stone guardians they’re attempting to drive off?

  3. When a player plays an action and it requires a Will (or Health) test - such as maneuver for Drive Off - am I correct in thinking that other players may also throw in a helping die with their own Will? Since abilities help abilities.

  4. When I’m doing an action with a monster, I’m just rolling their Nature, plus any other monster helping dice (one each), plus any bonuses they might get from weapons (depending on conflict type). Am I missing anything on that?

Thanks for the help!

  1. I don’t know of any special restrictions to this, but I could be wrong.

  2. You add +1 for each additional monster in the group.

  3. Yep! Just make sure they describe how they help.

  4. Nope, that’s it, basically - sometimes a Maneuver in the previous action can kick in, as well (both positive and negative), and sometimes you get a couple of extra dice from a brave player using a trait against herself.

To elaborate a bit on #2. If they have a set disposition for a specific type of conflict, you do as Storapan says, just add 1 per monster. If they don’t and you’re rolling Nature to generate dispo make sure to roll an extra die for each additional monster.

Looks like the questions have been answered. Here are the page refs:

  1. Generating disposition is like any other roll in the game and follows those rules. Like independent Attacks and Feints, it is an Ob 0 test and thus follows the Obstacle 0 Tests rule on p. 104, but otherwise it is not extraordinary.

  2. Group Disposition, p. 149.

  3. As you note, abilities can help abilities. Abilities Help Abilities, p. 66. This, of course, means that other characters can also help with Beginner’s Luck tests.

  4. Nature is the only ability you roll for monsters. Plus help and weapons and such, of course.

Thanks, everyone. That clears things up.

Hey! I was in this conflict. The GM’s dice betrayed him and we triumphed mightily.