Some MonBu questions

Roden have an Arsonist LP. They get Firebombs but not Arson, which first appears in BWG. What to do?

The Elder LP for Wolves requires an age of 7. Is that before or after taking the LP? I assume after.

Any official rulings on the stat changes? The speed of the various built-in weapons of MonBu stocks, for example. Strides actually get spelled out in BWG.

For the Roden, give the Arsonist LP the Arson skill, and bump up the Skill points by one in order to account for the additional skill

How about fractional ages of wolves? If you’re 9.5 years old, do you take the stats for a 9 year old wolf or a 10 year old wolf? (I didn’t actually check if these are real cutoffs, but there are definitely in-between ages.)

The Roden skill Tunneling isn’t described anywhere. It needs a root. How about Power?

Maybe Power/Perception? It’s a little more skillful than ditch-digging. The digger has to sense the material and walls around him to ensure it doesn’t collapse. It’s primitive mining, I guess.

“Excavation” (pg 271 BWG) is about as close as you can get to a “Tunneling” skill, just adapt it for Rodens.

Consider Pete’s ruling on the Roden official. He designed them after all.

Also, Arson wasn’t a skill when the Monbu was in print, otherwise we would have added it.


That’s what I figured. Thanks, guys!

Actually possible that Arson should replace Fire-building entirely on the Arsonist skill list. They’re not really about making controlled blazes. Then again, I could see them having knowledge of non-murderous fires as well. At the very least Arson should be the required skill!