Some Questions After Our First Maneuver


So we played the very Maneuver of the Infiltration phase. Some general questions that arose.

  1. Are helping dice from other players allowed for the Body of Argument roll in a DoW and the Disposition roll in a Firefight?

  2. Is it legal to make Linked tests within a building scene that is specifically intended to be linked with the Maneuver roll at the end?

  3. There seemed to be some general confusion over the rule regarding passing dice to the player who makes the maneuver roll.

  4. I had one of my FONs make a resource roll to acquire Tools for a Forgery Skill. Tools are a “lesser” form of Technology. I failed the roll, took the tax and gave myself The Gift of Kindness. The players were trying to apply the “limitation” rules but there didn’t seem to be any clear limitation rules for Tools only for full bore Technology. Did they miss something?

  5. My reading is that as we’re playing out the scenes Player A makes a roll within the context of that scene and Player B gives them a link/helping die for that roll. Since that happened that means that Player B is now eligible to give Player A helping dice on the Manuever roll should Player A be the one making that roll. Is this correct?



  1. Sure, so long as the traditional conditions for help are met. They helpers must roleplay and be a part of the action. One metric for being a part of the action – is the helper’s roleplay/aim included in the objective?

  2. You may not link to a maneuver roll.

  3. I’m sorry. Could you reread Help in Maneuvers on page 430 and be more specific?

  4. They don’t get to apply anything to your side for a failed Resources roll. It’s one of the perks of playing the bad guys. And your tax from the failed roll is penalty enough.

  5. Correct.

Hope that helps,

  1. I don’t believe so since only one person/side scripts and is affected by victory/defeat/compromise.

  2. No, the Infection and Play levels of the game are extirely separate, with the exceptions listed on pages 429 and 430 (Scenes appropriate to maneuvers listing scene requirements for maneuvers, and the subheading about help)

  3. Re-read Help in Maneuvers, p430.

  4. Skills that need tools get a penalty if you don’t have tools. Page 223 touches on that, and the tech burner section fleshes it out.

  5. Yes, with the caviat that Player B can only help with one of the skills appropriate for that maneuver and phase (fusion dynamics can’t help an infiltration Take Action for instance).

Thanks Guys.

Some how #3 and #5 got inappropriately split. #3 was just the first sentence of what ended up being question #5. Guess I wasn’t paying attention.


Is this just in the case of tools? It seems to contradict what is said under The “GM and the Gift of Kindness” on page 362.

It’s a case of me not reading the rule before I posted. Always do what it says in the book.

Hey Luke,

The issue is the difference between Tools and Technology when it comes to limitations. It’s pretty clear that if the Resources roll is for Technology players can add a limitation to it via a Trait. However, Tools don’t HAVE traits like Technology. They either exist or they don’t for purposes of negating a double obstacles penalty for a skill.

So we were having trouble figuring out how to apply limitations to Tools. It’s pretty clear how to apply them to Technology.


Right, you’ve got to take a step back. Tools are a piece of technology with the Device: Tools trait. Understand? You can add other tech traits to the piece of technology.

as a tandem piece of advice - when purchasing tools as a GM during play, if there’s a good chance you think you’ll be taxed don’t forget that a perk of being the GM is you can just drop your resources exponent by 1 and get the tech without a roll. p.371 a small rule that is easy to overlook.

Oh yeah, I know. But because it was “just” a Tool and my resources was 8 I figured I take the risk and roll for it. My arrogance came back to bite me.


If you do that the FON’s resources aren’t just taxed, they are lowered permanantly just as if you had bought the item when burning up the character.