Some questions from a recent immigrant

(Wayfarer) #1
  1. Can you recycle biological materials? It’s not listed in flow costs but I’m not sure why.

  2. No flow cost or challenge when the initiator and target both agree that this is a thing they want to have happen with the exception of Negotiation? If I’ve burned my geneline and decide it’s time to get dubbed to restore it, can my wetworker friend just perfect death me if I’m happy to go along?

  3. I can see using shaping to beat someone at poker, but what about chess? Shaping seems off, but ephemera isn’t right either. Is this something that isn’t a challenge?

(Luke Wheel) #2
  1. I guess we assumed that biologicals would just get bricked and thus not be “recyclable” in the way we define that skill.

  2. Sure? That is a terrifying example.

  3. Getting someone to move a piece or not move a piece is shaping. Not a lot of bluffing in chess, so social engineering doesn’t really come into play.

(noclue) #3

Sounds like you like to play the board not the man.

(Wayfarer) #4

Death is cheap. Genelines are irreplaceable.