Some questions from play

  1. How do adventurers make torches? Seems I’ve seen situations where Alchemist, Scavenger, and Survivalist all made sense. Is that right or are 1-2 of those out of left field? Is there a “standard”?

  2. The halfling tried to mime “we’re you’re friends, we fight the vampires too” to the frog people who didn’t understand their language. What roll/conflict/“good idea”/“just say no” might that be?

  3. Town seemed weird. Is that because a) it was our first town phase and none of us had a grasp of what the options even were, b) the PCs were not beat up enough, or c) I as GM didn’t give them enough guidance and if so what have y’all done to make the first or subsequent town phases run well?, d) you can’t tell because I gave you zero details?

  4. Gear! I’ve seen some forumy gear. Is there more of it. Is it expected PCs make up random stuff to buy they think of and then I rule whether it’s available and how much it is?

  1. I read around that it’s an Ob 3 Survivalist test (I think luke posted that it falls under the “improvising tools” factors).

  2. Well, it depends a lot of the context. Personally I’d go with a Persuasion test Ob = Nature of the frog people + a “don’t speak the language” factor.

  3. You’ll get used to it. Something that came up in my table (might not happen in yours, but still): encourage them to Dig for Leads, Find Work and rolling on the Rumor table. Players tend to focus on gearing up, but so far I never found a character with an empty backpack, the thing is: they’ll stop getting sufficiently high Resources Obs (the most expensive gear is Ob 4) so it will be impossible for them to advance. With these options you can add to the Lifestyle maintenance, don’t burden yourself with unnecessary gear and get some cool insights of your next adventure (something that my players totally missed).

Stay cool :cool: