Some Trait doubts


On our last Trait Vote…

1- It was voted than my elf character lose the trait “Born Under the Silver Stars” because was not behaving like an elf.
The question is, Is it possible to lose that trait?

2- I nominated my elf character for the trait Unbreakable (Dt).
We read it and came to the conclusion that as written, Grief never going to reach 10 because having a 9 Grief, Ob 10 tests would be reduced to 9 and never would get a Challenging test. So… the elf would never sucumb to Grief. is it right? The trait it’s ok like that?

  1. Can she lose it? Absolutely. Of course. But I’m not sure that’s really what you’d want to do in this case. Born Under Silver Stars essentially only modifies your aura. From now on, you look like an Elf, but Second Sight and the like will show you as a normal, unblemished… human.

Now, if the issue here is that in your setting, Elves are all about the magicality and your character has been behaving too mundanely (studying to become an accountant, wearing practical shoes, cutting his hair short, taking up golf), that might be appropriate. But if your character has instead been doing things that should stain your soul (as opposed to simply de-elfing it), it would be more appropriate to vote on a different trait, one which marks your aura with the vile traces of your deeds.

  1. That looks right to me. Is that a problem? Are you at exponent 8 or 9?

Exp 7. But that’s not the problem. Is that trait the way to NEVER sucumb to Grief? Is an “Unbreakable Elf” inmune to sucumb by grief?

As the name states, you’re unbreakable.

Yeah, I’m wondering what the other players are considering non-Elf behavior. Not enough prancing and singing? Or maybe you’re not cheating hard enough?

But generally, in my games, we don’t mess with racial traits unless it’s really deserved or they’re really working towards it. It represents a shift away from your non-human nature, which should be a significant thing, I think.

Well, it’s a long camaign and my character has been too long away from the elves and have been infected with the bad habits of humans, they wanted to leave established that behavior in loosing the Trait.

I would have voted to add a trait like Mannish rather than removing Born Under the Silver Stars.

Mm, I disagree. Traits describe the ways that a character (or monster) is different from the blandest imaginable human. Adding a trait is certainly an option, but removing Born Under Silver Stars is appropriate to the circumstances. The question there is, do you want a trait that represents your mannish habits? Or are you comfortable leaving that as an ongoing choice you’re making, but you want to represent a kind of psychic mark of humanity? If the former, Mannish would be appropriate. If the latter, remove Born Under Silver Stars.

Re: Unbreakable-
It’s actually really, really hard to boost Grief to 10. It’s not like Greed or Hatred, where you can hit 10 with Routine and Difficult tests and you’re frequently testing the ability directly: even when you invoke Grief, it automatically counts as Difficult. So the only way* to hit 10 is by giving up hope and/or seeing the light of the world extinguished three times. And you’d need to fail your Laments for all three, though since those are Ob 10 tests it wouldn’t be hard.

*Am I missing something here? I had a recollection that it was hard, but I didn’t think it was this hard. I’ve never had a high-Grief elf in a game, save The Gift.

My elf began with Grief 4, we played about 30 sessions, now 7 and some tests marked.
My colleagues are a psychotic bastards that make my life miserable!

Added to that, I have no Laments, which may fix, but probably not, because it is fun to watch as my elf falls each session.

I’m thinking about Grieve, maybe the next trait vote… hehe…!

See, I could see removing the trait being an interesting way to encourage your character in certain directions. If the reasoning is that you’ve been away for too long, then perhaps your character is suddenly motivated to return to his homeland.

Or maybe he takes it as a sign that something is wrong at home, and he has to fix it.