Son of Grab Bag of Questions

More grab bag! Apologies if answers to these are hiding somewhere on the forums; a cursory search did not uncover them.

[li]Let’s say I roll a 7D Point versus your 3D/4D Rebuttal. You roll 2s on your defensive half, 2s on your offensive half. I roll 4s on my Point. What kind of test do I log? What kind of test do you log? Why? (Clearly my Point is Routine: 7D vs. Ob 2, right? Yours is trickier, though. 7D vs. Ob 4? 4D vs. Ob 4?)
[/li][li]I split a Resources test to harden/burn tech up from Ob 8 to Ob 5 Resources, Ob 3 Fabrication. I blow my Fabrication test. Does that mean I roll Resources vs. Ob 8, or that I still roll vs. Ob 5, but the GM gets to add traits like Busticated or Bad UI for my Fabrication margin of failure?
[/li][li]When calculating compromises in a Firefight, what do I do with the temporary disposition buffer provided by a position? If I rolled 4 successes on my officer’s roll and take +2s from winning contact, lose 2 disposition, then take a position which provides 3 disposition, and then reduce my opponent to 0, what compromise does he get? If I rolled 4 successes, then occupied the 3P position, then lost 2 dispo from the position buffer before winning, what then?
[/li][li]If I’ve Assessed the factions, can I use a Flak manuever’s offensive half to Take Action to activate a faction? That sure would make the factions more useful.

Thanks in advance!

  1. It’s not a linked test, so I think the combined margin of failure for both tests is used as MoF for the device as a whole (that is, if you bomb one test use that margin. If you fail each test by one, the GM adds a trait as if the margin was 2).
  2. IIRC, you compare current dispo (including position bonus, if any) to starting dispo. So holding a degraded position doesn’t cost you anything, but holding one that still has some points can indeed reduce your compromise.
  3. Nope. It’s not a Take Action, so it doesn’t count as one. Same goes for Gambit. Factions, yeah, not that awesome in the Infection, but they can give mass payoff in-game and in sequels. You trade slightly less dispo advantage for substantial narrative power.
  1. Use the number of dice rolled against the obstacle to determine the test for advancement.

What’s ‘starting dispo’? Let’s say I won contact and got 4s on my officer’s roll. If I elect to occupy a 3P position at the start of the fight, is my starting disposition 4 (and I’m now at 7/4)? If I instead take the +2 to dispo, is my starting disposition 6 (and I’m at 6/6)?

Ha-ha. So, use the 4D defensive half rolled versus the Point, for 4D against Ob 4 - a Difficult test?



Rad. Thanks!