Sorcery and character burning?

I am confused. It seems like Sorcery is “restricted in character burning” description of “restriction” on p. 252, the description of Sorcery being restricted on pgs. 299 & 499. But you can buy spells and the Gifted trait. Am I missing something here?

Say, for a moment, that one can open Sorcery during character burning. Could a Neophyte Sorcerer use his general skills to unlock Sorcery, assuming that the initial test could be opened under Instruction from his master? Even if it cannot be unlocked during the burning process, can the Neophyte Sorcerer make the first mark towards unlocking Sorcery as part of that lifepath, allowing him (with the purchase of Gifted and a spell) to make the slow process towards unlocking the skill with advancement.

Thanks for the help!

Sorcery is restricted to Men and Roden in character burning. Sorry for the confusion.

So… while Men and Roden can open Sorcery, they cannot open it in character creation?

Not quite. Only humans and Roden (who have the Gifted trait) may open Sorcery in character burning.

So if you have the Gifted trait from a lifepath you can open Sorcery with General points. You can also buy Gifted (if you can afford it) and take Sorcery with general points.

Thank you for the response. I am still confused, as the description of Sorcery on p.499 indicates that without Gifted, Sorcery is a theoretical understanding, not the wherewithal to perform magical acts. This seems to imply that you can open Sorcery without Gifted, but you cannot cast spells.

I am trying to build a 3 LP character who has opened Sorcery, knows one spell and can cast it (ideally accomplishing this without the full Sorcerer LP). I do not see how this is possible given the 5 pt cost of Gifted, even with taking Sorcerer. Can this even be done with a 4 LP character?

Barring that, I want to open Sorcery and buy a spell so that Gifted can be acquired later.

Anyway, thanks to luke and Thor for the responses.

I think the key thing you are missing is the cost of Lifepath traits. If the trait is on one of your lifepaths, it only costs you 1 point. I don’t have my book with me to specify the exact page number, but it should be in the beginning of the Character Burner section.

Check Lifepath Traits on page 89. Traits granted by your lifepaths only cost 1 point each to open, regardless of their normal price. Two of the possible requisite lifepaths for Sorcerer – Neophyte Sorcerer and Arcane Devotee – offer Gifted as a lifepath trait.

In the Magic Burner there are a couple of lifepaths, like Born Gifted Child and Apt Pupil, that also offer the Gifted trait.

Ahh, got it! For some reason, I was reading Lifepath and Special traits as mutually exclusive.

Thanks for the help!