Sorcery and tax

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From my current game:
1> Sorceress was taxed and took temporary hit to Forte.
2> Sorceress took light wound (also -1D to Forte)
3> Sorceress take another tax now Forte is negative
4> as a result of previous she also takes another light wound

temporary tax should sum with wound penalties? ( I assume “yes”)

after (3) Forte with all penalties is -1 or 0? ( I assume -1 doesn’t makes sense)
Does sorceress is incapacitated or just suffering sickness?

With all previous assumptions (tax and wounds sum, resulting temporary Forte is 0, just sickness not incapacitated):

If at 5> sorceress risk to cast another spell and forte is again taxed, but it’s already at zero so only result would be another wound equal to spell obstacle squared?

( I guess if Forte or other stat counting ONLY wound penalties reach 0, sorceress should be surely incapacitated. )

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Right, I’m slightly confused by your numbers, but:

Forte penalties from Tax and wound penalties sum. If a base Forte B4 sorcerer has 2 Tax and a light wound, they roll 1 die to resist tax, disease, and on all other rolls which use Forte.

If this sorcerer takes 2 more points of Tax, they’re at -1. And take a wound equal to spell Ob. And their Forte (a Stat) has been reduced to 0 or lower, so they are unconscious.

If they take 1 point of Tax, they merely fall unconscious.

Casting when taxed and wounded is the best way to gain tests for advancement. It’s also a good way to wind up with injuries which take weeks to heal. No casting Force of Will when taxed.

this was my initial ruling too, but then I got confused.
Let’s continue on your example.

When that sorcerer will wake up?

wake up after falling unconscious.

Whenever the Forte exponent gets to 1. That could be from tax recovery or wound recovery.

Once resting, the sorcerer will have two (+1) tests to make.

Health Ob = lost Forte dice (from tax, so either 3 or 4). They’re likely to be at either 3 or 4 hours per lost die.

Light wound Ob 2. Success is instantly better, failure is 20 hours until healed.

They may ALSO have the recovery test for the wound that they got for overtaxing down to -1. I’m going to ignore this wound (it’s superficial or negligible) for descriptive purposes. If it were a light wound, just use the same rules for the first light wound.

So maximum is 4 hours per point below 1 Forte (dice recovered from Tax over that time). The minimum time is “instant” for the Light Wounds, and 1 hour for the Forte.

It’s likely in the -1 total Forte case that the Ob 4 Tax test is failed, but the light wound test passed. This gives a 4 hour rest until awake, but weakened (1 Forte, all other stats as normal).

To conclude: do not get overtaxed, it will almost always lead to being unconscious for a large portion of a day, and if it wounds you you can take even longer to be on top form (or never get there again!)

Even though the sorcerous had dropped to a zero or negative Forte she could still be conscious even while incapacitated as her other stats have only suffered the -2D from the combined light wounds leaving her Perception and Will with positive dice, and therefore, consciousness. (page 489)

Unlike wounds reducing physical stats to zero, having Forte taxed to zero does render the caster immediately unconscious until the tax is no longer reducing Forte below one.

Huh, I missed that part (never had a wizard get taxed that low before).
Thanks for the clarification!
(I stand corrected)

page 505, “Rest must be completed uninterrupted.”

It puzzles me, does it apply to whole rest time for all taxed Forte dice?

That’s how I read it, but keep in mind this only deals with the taxed dice, any wound dice are dealt with seperately
It’s not so bad unless your character passes out in battle.

Good reason to invest in an “Ebon Shunt” (MuBu pg. 201)

You meant MaBu.

Why yes, yes I did.