Sorcery Area of Effect in Fight!

From what I can tell, in Fight!, the only way to spend additional successes to increase area of effect of an obstacle up spell is two successes to hit an additional engaged enemy if the spell’s area of effect is “paces.” Is that correct, or am I missing something?

Have you read the Spells as Weapons section on page 514?

Yea, the Area of Effect in Fight section on 515 is what I’m referencing. I just wanted to be clear I understood it, because in multiple other places, it says that you can use successes to change Area of Effect without being specific. Finding out that it’s really just one way in Fight, and only when using a spell with the paces area of effect made me do a double take because I expected more choices; but I guess it’s easier to group Fight and Range and Cover together when mentioned everywhere else, even if the details for altering Area of Effect in Fight are so simple.

Paces AoE is the only type of spell that needs extra successes. The larger AoE’s simply hit multiples at their base level.