Sorcery spell: Shards, errata?

In the Magic Burner (p237) the spell Shards was defined as a base power of 1/2 Will + 3, which is also what appears in the Burning Wheel Gold example text on p506, however in the new BWG character burner Shards is listed on p219 as being Power 1/2 Will + 2. Is this a typo, or is the new entry in the BWG character burner an actual change to the spell? Thanks!

Use the damage listed in the spell description in BWG.

Thanks, and sorry about the rapid-fire questions today. Just had a chance to obsessively read the book the last couple days and I get all nitpicky and crap when I obsess. BWG is an awesome product all around, and even speaking from the bias as a player in an all-sorcerer game the changes to Sorcery were really needed.

This is thread necromancy, so I apologize. However, shards is also stated as having 1/2 Will + 3 in an example on page 506 of BWG. Since we already have the correct answer for the actual damage of shards, should it be added to the BWG errata on the wiki?