Sorcery vs Art Magic

Given a chose between default sorcery and art magic, would anyone take sorcery? Why? Role-playing reasons, like the mechanics more, more powerful attacks, etc? Assume no abstractions due to conversion difficulties.

Sorcery is simpler for newer players, and you don’t need the extra book. This is especially the case if you play primarily online, as I do.

I don’t have my books in front of me but if memory serves Sorcery is also more powerful (or easier, depending on your outlook… the Obs are more forgiving). The last one is stylistic - art magic is much more flexible but Sorcery gives that classic sense that spells are tangible things as opposed to manifestations of the sorcerers innate power.

I guess what I’m saying is that you need to decide how you want magic to be seen and approached in your game, and then pick the magic system that makes the most sense.

It’s like a Mage versus Sorcerer in older editions of D&D. Sort of the same, but quite different. Mechanically, I find Sorcery easier to use for new players. I recall lots of games halted as the Art Magician poured over the traits lists looking for ideas and then spending time figuring out the Obs.

I’m using Sorcery in my Wizard School game because it fits more in line with the setting. It’s also much easier for me to explain than handing everyone my one copy of the MaBu an having them puzzle it out.

Art Sorcery definitely requires some rules mastery to get the most out of it. Also, standard sorcery is incredibly efficient. You may only know a few spells, but those spells will be quick to cast and extremely potent. Art Sorcery gives up raw power in exchange for greater flexibility. (Of course, neither hold a candle to Faith magic, but that’s a different story.)

Having played with both for years, I’ve come to prefer standard sorcery, especially for long-term campaigns. Art Sorcery can easily become the solution to every problem in a game if you let it, especially if you don’t play with the optional rule that makes Schools of Magic required.

The downside to standard Sorcery is that it can take so long to learn new spells, but it’s really not so bad if your group is willing to take some downtime now and again.