Spanish Sheets / Hojas de juego en español

Hello there,
For those who need them, with my group we have made some sheets in Spanish. Feel free to use them.

Creación de Personaje (Character Burner)
Hoja de Personaje en A3 (Character Sheet)
Hoja de Personaje en A4 ​(Character Sheet)
Duelo de Ingenios (Duel of Wits)
Rango y Cobertura (Range and Cover)
Pelea (Fight)


Thank you!

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Thank you, Pablo!

Could you translate the traits, please?

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Coincidentally (or not?), we are translating them little by little, but it is a group work and my group usually leaves me alone (except, of course, for our weekly game).

Anyway, we are only translating the names, not the content. As soon as we have translated them all, I can post them here if you want.


And you can call me Moro :wink:

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