Special 20th Anniversary Poster

Hello friends,
So…I have commissioned another BW 20th Anniversary item. This one is a custom illustration from Malleus Rock Art Lab (an Italian studio featuring members of one of our favorite bands, Ufomammut).

My current plan is to make 50 screen-printed 12 x 18" posters of this image and sell them for ~$50 each at Gen Con (which would essentially cover the costs of the commission, printing and shipping). But maybe I should open up a pre-order and possibly print more. What do you think? Are you interested in acquiring a high-quality, limited edition print like this from us?

Lend me your thoughts!


I’d love something like that! It’s gorgeous!

But I’m also very bad at owning things. I’m hard on things and I move around a lot.

I give it three months before that poster is bent, torn, broken, or lost!

But it is nice…

For me, since I cannot get out to the US, it would depend on the cost of shipping to the UK, which… has proven troublesome.

Looks amazing, though!

I’d definitely order one of those if available outside GenCon

Yeah, I can’t go to GenCon and shipping to Canada matters - but I am interested

I would love to buy it, it is a great piece of art. However, shipping to Argentina is a nightmare (I’m still looking at how to buy the Anthology).

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I can’t make it to gencon -but I’d pay a preorder for that beauty!!!

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I would absolutely go in on a pre-order for one.

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Well, we finally released these. Grab one if you’re still interested. There’s a few left.

Also, BigCommerce is still fucking up shipping for them. If you get overcharged, we’ll refund you.

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