Speed Multiplier to Stride conversion

Can someone please point me to a conversion to go from Speed Multiplier to Stride. This is in reference to updating my copy of the Monster Burner.

If it’s not yet available, this is a request to make it so!


Some of the critters are already converted in the Burning Rogues section, but you can probably just double the multiplier in most cases.

I guess silence means acceptance by the powers that be…

Thanks stormsweeper!

I think it would work fine. As far as I can tell (which is a HUGE disclaimer) Stride is pretty much used only to offer bonus dice when some type of speedy maneuvering is in question, and it’s given in relation to others’ Stride–so if you have the longest Stride, you get +1D, longest by 4 you get +2D, and I would imagine you could probably offer even more dice if a creature’s stride is like super crazy (I burned up a Thunderbird, and when I doubled the speed multiplier I got 24 Stride, so there’s that). Though I’d probably just stick to no more than 2D, as that’s already quite an advantage.