Spell circles vs Character level

I think I’m missing something obvious, but where in the rules does it explain when magicians get the ability to cast second circle spells? I see examples referencing it, but I’m not seeing it explicitly stated. Is it simply the Lore Master Obstacle to Learn?

Examples that mention it:
Page 42, “For example, a magician must reach third level, to learn Shroud of Shadows, a second circle spell.”
Page 43, “An Arcanist must be capable of casting Second Circle spells in order to use a scroll of Shroud of Shadows.”

Check out the Levels chapter. Specifically page pg. 113 for the Magician’s level benefits.

There’s a table that lays it all out on p. 113. Magicians get their first second-circle spell slot at level 3.

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I saw the chart, but I thought it just meant just a spell (as in the spell your mentor gives you for free) and not a slot. If it’s a slot, then the example on page 42 that says, “A third-level Ranger who takes Essence of the earth as the level benefit cannot learn Shroud of Shadows, because she cannot learn second circle spells,” contradicts the spell chart for ranger (on page 112) says their first circle two spell is at level four.

Edit: I’m assuming the slot you get for leveling as a magician can hold any spell you can memorize, within the limits on the character sheet, i.e. any circle one and any circle two, up to three of either, and not a specific spell circle.

There’s an error on page 42 because rangers used to follow the same spell progression as magicians (and thus got a second circle spell at level 3). It got changed late in playtesting and we apparently missed the reference on page 42.

It should read: “A fourth-level ranger who takes Fearless as the level benefit cannot learn Shroud of Shadows, because she cannot learn second circle spells.”

Thanks everyone! The slots thing started making sense, then the ranger example derailed it for me.

This might not be what you’re saying, but I thought that I’d point out that, in another thread, Luke says that Circle 1 slots are for Circle 1 spells and Circle 2 slots are for Circle 2 spells. You can’t “memorize down”, putting a Circle 1 spell into a Circle 2 slot.

Thor is just upholding the fine BWHQ tradition of the examples being wrong. :wink: